Pink minky blanket “Flowers Flowers”



Size: 100×75 cm


One side is 100% cotton, the other side is soft 380 gr / m2 minky fabric.


* wash in a gentle 30 ° C program – max 800 rpm

* cannot be tumble dried

* do not use bleach

* iron on the cotton side only

Minky blanket without warming is perfect for babies of all ages in spring and summer. It has no filler, which means it can be used as a blanket on hot nights or afternoons. A gentle baby blanket with beautiful drawings and raised bubbles is also indispensable on the go! It can be used to cover a baby lying in a car or used as a blanket while sleeping on the beach, or by the lake.

The blanket in the summer can even be a comfortable play mat for the youngest children who can’t walk yet. Kids love the soft bubbles, and mom loves the original designs.

Minky blankets are made of the highest quality fabrics. They are made of highest quality cotton, bright and durable color, combined with a soft Minky fabric. The best materials used in the production guarantee that, if you take care of the blankets according to all the recommendations – they will not lose their properties even after repeated washing and will still look beautiful. Covering your baby with a minky blanket in the stroller, car seat and cot will make you feel calm and happy. Minky blankets are without any additional warming, so they are perfect for warmer days. In warmer weather we can cover the baby with a cotton side, on cooler summer nights just turn the light blanket on the soft side, which will warm gently.

One of the advantages of minky blankets are – easy maintenance, because the minky fabric does not wrinkle at all and dries quickly after washing. However, let us remember that the longer service life of the product is related to washing in a gentle program, using mild children’s detergents, compared only on the side of the cotton fabric, in no way equal to the soft fabric!

Minky blankets for boys and girls are also available in neutral colors. They are sewn with great attention to detail to ensure maximum joy for the children and their parents. This product is also perfect as a gift, as our range includes both boys ‘and girls’ designs and universal ones for all children. We can match accessories and essentials to the minky blanket.

Plaids, like all our other products, are sewn in Lithuania with great care and attention to detail from the highest quality fabrics.

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