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Chew with muslin skewer. Natural wood elephant with muslin handkerchief. Muslin handkerchief size ~ 30×40 cm. Natural wood and fabric chew. No small details, safe for the child. It is perfect for a massage when the gums are germinating.

The first teeth
Usually, the first baby teeth germinate about 5-7 months of life, but it can also happen that the baby will reach them much earlier (for example, 3 months) or vice versa – the first teeth will germinate on the first birthday. There are also newborns with erupted teeth, but this is rare – it happens to only one in 2,000 births.

Causes of early or late tooth decay
Tooth germination can be affected by serious illnesses, childhood metabolic disorders, and other causes, but these are very rare cases. If the child is healthy and developing normally, there is no need to worry about the teeth sprouting sooner or later.

Possible causes of early tooth decay:
The mother is very young;
Excessive newborn weight;
Hormone disorders.
Possible causes of late tooth decay:
Serious diseases, e.g. rickets, various acute infectious diseases;
Circulatory disorders;
Too little newborn weight;
Disorders in the embryonic developmental stage.
Signs of tooth decay
Red and swollen gums at the site of tooth germination;
Increased salivation;
The baby has a strong desire to bite and put his fingers in his mouth. Bite everything that is available – your own and mom’s fingers, toys and everything else that can be taken by hand and attached to the mouth;
Increased irritability;
More frequent waking up at night and sleep disorders;
The temperature may be low.
Some children experience the germination of their first teeth easily, others more difficult. Here’s a tip to help your child at this time: Try remedies that use cold to relieve pain and inflammation symptoms. These can be various chews filled with cold water or whiting cooled for a few minutes in a freezer.

How often should you visit a dentist?

From the first to the fourth birthday, you should visit the dentist at least once a year, at the age of four visit the dentist every six months. Of course, this frequency is enough if the child’s teeth germinate neatly, are healthy. If you suspect any problems, you should visit without waiting for your next visit.


Prepared by oral hygienist Diana Stonkutė


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